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  1. Lisa says:

    I sent a complaint but forgot to mention my hotmail was compromised the guy said I would have to pay 189.00 to delete my hotmail address. It was a blocked phone number so I need to know what to do since I have many internet and wi fii issues. Local police I have many reports for many issues I gave you my phone number in the previous complaint of other URGENT computer threats etc. Not sure I should have given you my phone number in last complaint looking forward to hearing from you ASAP thank you

  2. Lisa says:

    I had to call a phone number to delete my gmail account. As I thought I was speaking with google I let the guy help me delete my gmail as it was being compromised he did a log me in session after he said he deleted account he kept asking me for credit card info so they could fix other issues it was a complete scam he wouldn’t let me move my cursor to close LOG ME IN so now I am afraid to turn on my computer to give you actual website until I hear back from you as what to do here is the phone number I called which was posted on the website 1800-858-603. The guy kept asking me for credit card I was trying to move my cursor as fast As I could to stop session he was blocking me so I just turned off my computer and phone but very worried now that the guy has complete control of my computer!

    • admin says:

      Are you still facing the problem or see some suspicious activity upon using LOG ME IN? If yes, can you change your LOG ME IN ID and see if suspicious activity stops?

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