Blackshades Malware Secretly Control Computers

Be careful, is your Computer safe / secured?

Blackshades malware secretly control Computers, is your Computer controlled by some other person using Remote Access Technology (RAT)?
Did you notice any funny behavior in your computer like:
– mouse pointer / cursor automatically moving?
– camera getting automatically getting turned on?
– some file automatically open?
– any program starting or closing one its own?

What to do? (more…)


Bullied Harassed Abused Attacked Online

Its common these days. right? May be for someone bullied harassed abused attacked online may be a common these days but for majority people it is not. And yes, it should not be accepted in anyway. Some people try to take it lightly by saying that oh, these things are common on Internet or if you are online most of the time. Do you agree?

So have you been bullied harassed abused attacked online? Share your experiences below.


Facebook Harassment

Be careful. 

Better safe than sorry.

Did you ever encounter a situation that was like Facebook Harassment? People bullying you on Facebook? People threatening on Facebook? You like to use Facebook but the situation has become such that it is impossible to user Facebook? Are you depressed because of funny developments? People are so crazy about using Facebook that they even forget what information should be share on Facebook and what not. Most of the time we post some incident and forget about it but remember that you may not be checking what you have posted earlier but on Internet thousands of people may be reading about what you have posted. This information can be used to harass you or may be misused. So be careful about what you are sharing on Facebook to avoid Facebook Harassment. (more…)


Unable to Connect to the Internet

Unable to connect to the Internet use Network Diagnostic to check problem.

Unable to connect to the Internet

Is your Internet connection disconnected or gets disconnected?
Do you see a message “Unable to connect to the Internet” in your Internet browser?

You should use simple Network Diagnostic utility available in your computer.


How to undelete an accidently deleted files in windows?

Help help help!
What happened?

I accidentally deleted an important file and it is also deleted from recycle bin.
I have searched my computer and still cannot find the file.
I have lost my file or may be i have deleted the file from computer having Windows operating system.
Oooopppssss… I never use Online File Storage.

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